Meet Shinichi

Shinichi_imageShinichi is the Artistic Director of the San Francisco based performance company inkBoat, founded in 1998. Avant-Garde performance experiments in 1960’s Japan form the core of Shinichi’s aesthetic and physical training. Sustained collaborations from 1997 to 2007 in the Berlin and Tokyo “off-scene” have provided opportunities to work with wild people. Shinichi currently teaches dance at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

Coming in July 2015, Shinichi will be directing “95 RITUALS,” honoring Anna Halprin, for ONSITE, supported by Dancers’ Group. In 2013, Shinichi was the Associate Director for Anna Halprin’s “Parades and Changes” and in 2009 for her “Spirit of Place.” Under Anna’s direction, he developed a duet with his wife Dana Iova-Koga (“Song of Songs” in 2011). Shinichi often creates improvisation evenings with longtime collaborators Cassie Terman, Dohee Lee and Yuko Kaseki. Shinichi has collaborated in depth with cokaseki (Germany: 2004-present), Takuya Ishide (2001-2008), Yumiko Yoshioka and TEN PEN CHii (Germany: 1996-2001), Do Theatre (Russia: 1997-2005), Minako Seki (1999-2005) and Shadowlight Theatre (SF: 1993-1997), Ko Murobushi (2008-2012), AXIS Dance Company (2007-2010), ROVA Saxophone Quartet (2006-present) and Degenerate Art Ensemble (2000).

Shinichi continues his training and development with Anna Halprin (Dance Maker), Ruth Zaporah (Action Theater), Masayuki Koga (Shakuhachi) and Ralph Lemon (Dance Maker). Through the US/Japan Friendship commission, he has studied Nihon Buyo, Kagura, Aikido, Shakuhachi and Noh. Formative teachers include Yukihiro Goto (Tadashi Suzuki Training), Hiroko Tamano (Butoh Dance), Yumiko Yoshioka (Butoh Dance) and Yuzo Koga (Judo).

Shinichi was named one of the “25 to watch” in 2008 by Dance Magazine and awarded a “Goldie” award by the SF Bay Guardian in 2007. inkBoat has received 4 Isadora Duncan “Izzie” awards: “Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design” in 2013 for “Line Between”; “Outstanding Company Performance” for “c(H)ord” in 2009; “Outstanding Performance” for the 2004 production of “Ame to Ame”; and “Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design” for “Heaven’s Radio” in 2003.

In 2007, he and Dana founded inkGround, a studio in rural Northern California, to continue the exploration of dance through the land, utilizing the surrounding forests, rivers and ocean-side as new media for the life/dance investigation.

He has been an Artist in Residence at ODC Theater, SF from 2009-2012, Headlands Center for the Arts in 2008, Wattis Artist in Residence at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2002, Schloss Bröllin, Germany in 2001, Fabrik Potsdam, Germany in 2001 and La Friche, Marseille, France in 1998.


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