Founded by Shinichi Iova-Koga in 1998, inkBoat is a physical theatre & dance company built by and with the collaborative efforts of choreographers, musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists and directors. The company concerns itself with everyday reality and invisible influence, cultivating mystery within human experience, merging tradition and experimentalism.

inkBoat has been recognized numerous times by the Isadora Duncan Awards Committee, receiving 12 nominations and 4 Izzie awards: “Outstanding Achievement in Company Performance” for the 2008 production of “c(H)ord,” “Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design” for the 2011 peformance “Line Between,” “Outstanding Achievement in Company Performance” for 2004’s “Ame to Ame,” “Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design” for 2003’s “Heavens’ Radio.”

95 Rituals Artist Biographies

Sherwood Chen – Soon, I rush across waters to offer hats off to Anna, who guided me as a performer in theaters, studios and coastline since 1998, taking me to unchartered artistic terrains, a scintillating horizon. I’m honored to align with my inkBoat comrades, on the water, in celebration of her. May Anna’s legacy continue its exponential bloom via her works which activate a full spectrum of creativity in people from many walks of life.

Heekyung Cho is a dancer and director based in Seoul. She met Anna Halprin in 2008 and found home for her Art. Heartfelt gratitude to Anna, my teacher, a gift in my life.

Dan Gottwald – I’ve often felt that my work is a kind of dance, thank you Anna, for helping me call it what it is. I operate a sawdust factory in Oakland, where I get to dance with particles large and small. Often, I make musical instruments.

Dana Iova-Koga – Anna, when I first met you years ago while visiting with Min it felt like a coming home. Since then you continue to inspire me with your endless exploration of what it is to dance. Thank you for your wild and wonderful life.

Shinichi Iova-Koga – You invited me and I accepted, Anna. Turning life into dance and dance into life. Yours. Shinichi, Artistic Director of inkBoat.

Yuko Kaseki has attended Anna Halprin’s classes several times and is always inspired by Anna’s positive energy and encouragement for us. Yuko’s company, cokaseki, has been based in Berlin for 20 years, working on numerous projects with international and mixed-ability performers and artists. She has collaborated with inkBoat since 2001.

Tim Kim is a violinist and vocalist performing within the folk, classical, and improvised genres. While at Mills, completing his MFA in Performance and Literature, he explored the intersection of composed and improvised music and how memory from early childhood experiences influences compositional process. He will be pursuing a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA in the fall, 2015.

Joshua Kohl – Composer and music director Joshua Kohl has had the great pleasure of working with inkBoat since 2001, and is inspired, challenged and deeply effected by this new intersection with the work and philosophy of Anna Halprin. Outside of inkBoat Joshua Kohl is co-artistic director of the multi-art group Degenerate Art Ensemble which will present a world premiere of their newest work Predator Songstress here at YBCA in November

Dohee Lee is a performance artist, educator, faculty at Tamalpa Institute and director of PURI Project. She has worked with Anna Halprin on such pieces as Spirit of Place, Song of Songs “Remembering Lawrence” and Parades and Changes. Dohee deeply thanks Anna who taught and inspired her that art can be shared with people, society, and the world.

Katherine McDonald deeply identifies with the youthful, exploratory nature of Anna’s practices. An empathic observer of the external world and its inhabitants, Katherine expresses her observations and experiences in the form of songs and cartoons.

Haruko Crow Nishimura has been a member of inkBoat since 1999. She also co-directs the interdisiplinary company Degenerate Art Ensemble who will premiere a new work at YBCA this November. She is so excited and honored to explore and learn about the thriving and passionate pioneer artist and innovator Anna Halprin, and through this precious process, to create and get to work with soulful and inspiring peers towards this single purpose – to present something beautiful and share with the community – AND for Anna!

Suki O’Kane – Yes. Yes. It is interesting, Anna, said the percussionist, composer and instigator working with artists from a wide array of of music, movement, expanded cinema and public art genres.

Darl Andrew Packard does not know Anna Halprin at all, but he knows her very well. She has inspired the artists who inspire him and therefore they are connected. She has made him realize and reflect upon the importance of ritual and intention in his daily life .

Pak Han is an international award winning conceptual and documentary photographer working in the San Francisco Bay Area. The artful and cinematic perspective characterizes Han’s distinctive style.

Erica Pinigis is grateful for Anna’s influence in helping trace invisible dance roots through time and lineage. As a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and perpetual student, Erica is relishing 95 Rituals and the opportunity it provides to dig deep into clarity and connection through art creation.

Sten Rudstrom is a performer and writer living in Berlin, Germany. He heard about Anna in the early 1990s and has been watching her influence across the arts for years.


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